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The VisHub will be a University-wide lab for data visualization equipment to foster research, collaboration, learning, and outreach. In particular, the VisHub aims to support especially early career researchers (ECRs) in exploring novel ways to include interactive data visalizations into their research. The funding is coming from a capital grant to support the purchase of advanced tools for data visualization that has been received by the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.

On this site, we are collecting potential interest (fill the form) across the University by seeking existing projects and project ideas. If you are interested in data visualization hardware, please fill the form shown below and we will get in touch with you about future workshops, meetings, and information.

Read more about our goals.

Which equipment are we thinking of?

As data visualization is facing ever increasing challenges in terms of data size and complexity, tasks, collaboration, and communication, novel technology have become into the focus of attention. How can we exploit advanced display and interaction technology support better perception, interaction, exploration, and engagement with data? Technologies such as touch-screens, augmented reality head-sets, virtual reality, and 3D printing have reached an unprecedented quality and accessibility. Most of these hardware can be set up easily and is mobile to be transported between labs and workplaces.

The goal of this investment is to provide mobile hardware technology for data visualization across the university to support research and public outreach for researchers and beyond.

Some slides of an earlier presentation are available here: EPSRC Capital Grant VisHub.

We are planning for five types of equipment, described in detail elsewhere.

Who are we?

The VisHub initiative is managed by a team of early-career researchers with background in data visualization, human-computer interaction, mixed reality, product design, sound design, media design, etc. We are based at the Centre for Design Informatics between the School of Informatics and the Edinburgh College of Art.

Don’t hesitate to contact us (vishub@ed.ac.uk) for information and potential collaborations.

How can I get involved?

Pleae fill the form of interest and contact us